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Friday, December 21, 2007

Fargo Advertising Hints: Brands live in people's minds.

Unthink your Brand
With such a choice of media at their finger-tips, marketers and brand managers have never had it better, but neither has it been more of a challenge to keep up with consumers. In these heady days, it is not a question of reinventing your entire marketing plan, but rather recognising how your internet marketing strategy can help you ‘unthink your brand’ and liberate your communications.

Your customer's online journey to your brand is likely to start with a search engine or a piece of display advertising, both key opportunities to strike up a conversation with your consumer

Its important to remember that brands live in people's minds. We all have our own perception of brands based on advertising, our own experience, word of mouth and so on. What internet technology provides us with is a whole set of new and exciting ways to influence this perception, establishing a dialogue with consumers in ways we could never before. As consumers are increasingly empowered to take control of brands online through a variety of social media such as user-generated content and blogs, brand managers must 'unthink' much of the traditional approach to brand management and learn how to use these forms of social media to liberate their brand communications.

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